Monday, September 8, 2008

(spoilerz alertz) this is rare

Like, SUPER DOOPER RARE EXTREME but stuff actually happened on the Hills tonight. Like SITUATIONS and stuff. It was mind blowing. Quick recap before bed:

1. The gang went to Vegas for Frankie's birthday and they were all supes drunk. In her drunken state, Stephanie asked Brody why he told Lauren not to trust her and when he said that it's because he thinks she's CRAZY, she totes cried. She also admitted she used to have a ~*~crazy drug problem~*~! Those must have been some stiff cocktails. Hardee har har.

2. These two "went to jail" which really means pressing charges on some drunk guy who punched them in the casino. Winners!

3. Justin Bobby's behavior proved that he may in fact be the only sane person on the Hills (except for Frankie, the unsung hero). I mean if JUSTIN BOBBY can manage to be friends with everyone, why can't Lo, Audrina, Lauren, Stephanie, Spencer, Heidi and Brody do it too? For GOODNESS SAKE.

4. Lauren and Audrina cried and made up (at least for now). Lauren actually seems like a totes good friend for trying so hard to be friends/hang out with Audrina. Brought a happy tear to mine eye :')

Disclaimer: I choose not to comment on the Heidi and Spencer storyline at ALL just because I don't want to give them the publicity they so desperately want. Not because I'd get really angry and worked up. Not at all. Nope.



Chip said...

Brody was a huge dick all episode idgi

also when he told stephanie to "leave" I was like :O :O :O

Also on the plane when he said it was almost as good as having Spencer there I was like :O

Mike said...

such a giid episode

Chris Banana said...

I FUCKING HATE SPENCER AND HEIDI. their storylines make no sense, they are just repeated bullshit week to week. nothing ever happens with them. they are tickity tack and only the gayest of gay men like heidi's "music". you don't even understand how much i hate those idiots!!!