Monday, September 29, 2008

let them eat it

Richard's version

Okay, listen; I love cake. I love cake but I don't get to eat it that often because WOW does cake take a long time to make. Sometimes I'll see cake on TV and want cake so bad but I'm way too lazy to make a whole cake. SO YOU CAN IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT when I came across this ingenious invention the other day:


After I gathered my thoughts, I told the lovely and talented Richard about this crazy cake recipe. He was like "K I'M TRYING THIS IMMEDIATELY" and since I wasn't in the mood for cake and couldn't try it myself, I invited him to tell me how it turned out. He gave it a 6.5 out of 10 for deliciousness. Today, I tried it myself! Behold:

The flour, sugar and cocoa mixture.

Mixing in the egg.

the pre-microwave mixture (flour, cocoa, sugar, egg, milk and oil)

The finished product!

I give it a 10 for convenience, a 6 for deliciousness (it's a little spongy, we both thought so) and a 9 for being able to satisfy a quick cake craving without having to bake a whole big cake with a whole big mess to clean up. Lazy cake lovers the world over, rejoice.


Chip said...


I hate cake but if I didn't.... lol

Dick said...

nb: nesquik doesn't kill the cake if you don't have cocoa

Dick said...

ps: stef jes - saving the world, one treat at a time

Dave said...

Thank you!

pesik said...

create a post about dinosaurs

Anonymous said...

To up the delicious-ness use melted butter instead of oil. And add a splash of vanilla, a tad of coffee (if you have some around - it enhances the flavor of chocolate so so well), and a pinch of salt.
For such a small recipe I'd say
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/2 to 1 tsp coffee
and literally a pinch of salt
Happy baking!

-, you don't know me, just a friendly creeper :P

Amy said...

woah, anna is definitely a helpful random.

this is why you should live close to me...because i LOVE baking cakes for people. you'd say "man alive, can someone pleeeease fill me up with cake"
and i would say "stef jez. you know i'll always have your cake-loving back. let me whip you one right up!"

for you...i'd probably even use my heart-shaped cake pans. yeah. that's how serious my love for you is.

sidenote: i, too, would love a wall post about dinosaurs. but i'll say "pleeeeease?"

Anonymous said...

must...make....must go out and buy some cocoa!


Fleurr De Lux said...

yeah chip, i don't even like cake either but it is oddly appetizing.
well done all parties involved

Stefanie said...

Wow, thanks for the advice Anna! I will certainly try that.