Tuesday, April 22, 2008

dear asshole,

If you are reading this I'd like you to direct your attention to


Have you ever left one of these? Today I was grocery shopping with my aunt and we found a note on her windshield that said:

"We watched you parallel park. It was terrible. *Shame shame!*"

We laughed. I've left notes on cars before (for example, when they take up two spaces by parking on an angle, that is just ridiculous) and to be honest I always feel great after. Passive aggressiveness is like a religion. Here are some greatest hits from the site:

"Except -- Why???"

No Ice Cream?!!

Don't you just HATE it when people ogle your Family Clothing, Fashionable Shoes and Unique Home Accents?

"lol jk"

Best ever.


Chip said...


Dave said...

I laughed.

Jodes said...

once i got a note on my car that said "thanks for parking likek a jackass".
i still have it.

Dave said...

Since you're not blogging I hope you're listening to the new Atmosphere.