Thursday, April 3, 2008

especially for a certain somebody who reads this blog. you know who you are and you're totally a closet hipster, don't lie.

This little piece is written by my girl Leslie who is a journalism STAR in California.

Ask yourself: What brand of music elitist are you?
Answer here you dirty hipsters.


Dave said...

I'm none of them. Seriously.

I like a lot of new stuff from bands, I like fun poppy songs sometimes and I definitely don't care if a band gets big (aka: signs to a bigger label)... unless of course some of their songs previous talked about how they would never do such a thing.

Also, Leslie is cute.

Aaaaand I'm going to punch the next hipster I see in the back of the head. Better hope I don't run into you again.

Stefanie said...

leslie is adorable

Dick the Bitch said...

hey asshole, cute picture. why aren't i in the links? we've been repping the interweb together for far longer than you have been pretty....