Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Do you like girls who look like dolls?

Meet Johanna Öst. I first started visiting her website, like, literally 5 years ago and she has fascinated me ever since. I wouldn't necessarily wear anything she wears or style myself how she styles herself but I just think she's wonderful and carries it off so well.

Her earlier days as a little pixie

As a goth

She wore this to the premiere of Marie Antoinette (the movie)

So, as you can see she's fabulous. Check out her website, she's also an illustrator of children's books! Fantastic. Excellent.

And her Flickr:

Oh, and look at her house:

So dope


Chip said...

I've seen her before.......

idk where

probably haunting my dreams


but i HAVE seen her idk

Dave said...

There is a chick in Winnipeg who dresses like her.... maybe that is who you saw.

Fleurr De Lux said...

stunning. she looks like she's always in costume, love it. thanks for keeping me on the internet EVEN LONGER now SJ. exohexohhhhhhz

umbelliferous said...

stef i would love to. i do live in the city, in west broadway.

Stefanie said...

chip: probs haunting ur dreams ya

dave: lol no

lux lisb: my pleasure!

dana: WEST BROADWAY that's sooooo close to Wolseley. What street do you live on (or do you actually live on Broadway)

umbelliferous said...

on balmoral street! veryyyy close.

Anonymous said...

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