Saturday, April 19, 2008

oh my GOD -- he just ordered a giant glass of MILK

I'm watching Ghost World in my new room in good old Wolseley. I hate packing and moving and unpacking. Here, look at my closet:

Tomorrow when it's nice and sunny I'll take better pictures of my room and my own little balcony.


Jodes said...

"I know, I liked her better when she was an alcoholic crack addict! She gets in one car wreck and all of a sudden she's Little Miss Perfect and everybody loves her."

Fleurr De Lux said...

so you guys wanna see some reggae tonight or something?


Chip said...

how indie

Anonymous said...

coming ova fo sho

umbelliferous said...

Jag älsker det här stället. Det är så.. Jag vet inte.. "jordnära".

(I love this place. It's so um.. I don't know. You know.. Funky)

Stefanie said...