Thursday, April 10, 2008

burnt toast

For the past week, the smell of "burning" has been with me wherever I go. For lack of a better way to explain it, I have been constantly smelling fire or "burnt" everywhere. It sort of smells like campfire and burnt milk all at once. It's kind of a gross and intriguing smell all at once.

Today on my lunch break I walked over to this vintage store by the office with a work friend and confessed to her that I can't shake the "burning" smell. I asked her if she could smell it and she said "no" and she also said "are you having a seizure?" (remember this?) Obviously I wasn't, but it has really been bothering me!

I looked up "smell burning" on WebMD (a favourite tool of hypochondriacs the world over) and those keywords only brought up results about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning which, obviously, is not my problem.

Finally, while laying in my room listening to music and writing postcards, I resigned myself to the fact that the burning smell will always be present in my day to day activities and I will learn to love it. Then, I asked my mom to smell my hair; "I think it's your hair." I do too. As you can see, being a girl is tough stuff.

Iso Bouncy Creme: amazing for wavy hair but smells like fireplaces


Anonymous said...

my hairdresser used that on me and i could smell the burning smell tooooo for the longest time!

Anonymous said...

you're hillarious stef

Stefanie said...

thanks anony-mice

Anonymous said...

oops the first comment was meee melissa anne :]