Tuesday, April 1, 2008

sesame snaps and corn flakes

I really like you guys

When you were in elementary school music class did they ever make you play xylophones? If they did do you remember how there were all different sizes, the tiny annoying tinkly ones and then the great big wooden warm-sounding ones? Every kid in my class always fought over the huge wooden ones. We would line up outside of homeroom before the teacher took us to music class and always try to be first to claim them. Before you start thinking this is some analogy for something, it isn't; it's about The Acorn, this incredible Canadian band. My favourite song by them has the warm comforting sound of those great big wooden xylophones.

They recently played at SXSW and they're playing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival this year. Come come come see them in all their glory in the best venue you could ever ask for.

listen to the song:

then download it:
The Acorn - Crooked Legs

then go buy your Folk Fest tickets:

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xo, cat said...

my favorite was always the glockenspiel (the big, wooden xylophone).

found my way over here via your sartorialist makeover comment... btw.