Sunday, May 25, 2008

fuck treasure island



The lovely skeleton lady featured in this blog's header is none other than the wonderful Scout Niblett ( I hate descriptions like this but just to give you an idea, her sound reminds me of a cross between Bjork and old Cat Power. She's an absolutely fantabulous musician and she seems just totally badass. See:

Anyway, regarding my devastation: my parents booked me a flight to Vanocuver at the end of June to come visit again. That's awesome and I can't wait. But yesterday I was at Into The Music, with Andrew and I saw a poster for a show: A SCOUT NIBLETT SHOW. And it's happening on the evening after I leave :( :( :( :( Woe is me. The show would have been awesome for a few reasons:

-It's Scout Niblett.
-None of my friends (that I know of) are into her or have ever even heard her so I would probably either go alone or drag one of them along.
-To elaborate on the second point: most likely, nobody I know would be there so it won't be this big annoying scenester event. Not that I don't LOVE those but, it would be a nice change.

If anyone from Winnipeg does happen to love Scout, here are the details:

Thursday June 26th
The Pyramid Cabaret
Doors at 7, $10 cover (UGH SO CHEAP)
Advance tickets at Kustom Kulture, Kitsch & Into the Music



young.urban said...

ahhh those situations are the WORST. it makes you wanna go crazy.
rad blog, by the way.

umbelliferous said...

wow, thanks for the heads up. jose gonzalez is also coming!

cool by association said...

bah Stef, Scout Niblett is such a dear, have you heard wet road? I don't know how many albums shes has but I have some of her stuff off of Golden Apples of The Sun... Sometimes the only way I can describe her is "cute" and I like that she can also fit under bad ass in someone elses description haha. She has such a delicate voice I wonder what it shall be like live... I would agree on the cat power reference also. (who I may be seeing at lolla this summer... fingers crossed every body) this is liz by the way

Natalie said...

>:( the pyramid! what about the 18-??? i love scout and now i can't go either (for 10$$!!!)