Thursday, May 22, 2008

one eyed jack of diamonds

I know it's kind of old news but today I came to the conclusion that I will always love Fred Flare.
For realsies I will never ever stop.

I think when I am old and grey I will still either own or desire this:

and this

and I've wanted this for AGES

and this

I've wanted this since I was born (literally for years now)

What I wouldn't give to put my coins and stray paper clips and the other garbage I collect into this scrumptious piece of cake...

Ok sorry I got carried away, I could post items from Fred Flare all day.
OH! OH! And look what I noticed:

It says QT(y) because all of their stuff is SO QT. See! (Sorry)

I will end this post with a question: do you have a secret crush on me? Then buy me stuff from Fred Flare! Your crush doesn't even have to be that serious because their stuff is like $3-$20 so...think about it...


Dave said...

I didn't understand that post at all till I got to the end. Typical girl, trying to get stuff out of naive guys. Sad.

Go to B.C already.

But that wasn't me being mean, I'm trying to hook you up! Make sure you're there for this:

Pics here if you're not convinced:




You're welcome.

Brigitte Plouffe said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVE fred flare! i've ordered so much from there, and they always give little cute things in the package!

lou said...

hey, this may make your day...

we have those denture ice cube trays at my work, only $6.99!

elizabeth said...

THEY HAVE MY TINY HARMONICA NECKLACE?!? WHAT? listen , i made that shiz myself..fancy kids store have teensy harmonicas for 5 bones, the brand is HOHNER. and then you put it on a chain. et voila.