Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mmmmmmmmmmmno or mmmmmmmmmmyes

So I was looking at Pretty In Black today and she posted some images of a collection from that I loved.

Apparently purple plaid is hip. OH OH OH wait a minute, what did I wear today?:
Yes, yes that's right I wore purple plaid today. (Please excuse the photo, I was trying to photograph my hair because I liked it and wanted to remember how I did it. As you can see I failed miserably and just managed to get one eye, and my nose is the star of the picture.)

But then, there was this image:
And while I loved all the rest of the pieces and outfits, I did not know quite what to make of it.
So, dear and loyal readers, I turn to you (like in the Christina Aguilera song about her mom. Unrelated: I totally miss my mom)...
High-waisted pants for boys: always, sometimes, never, or never ever ever?


Anonymous said...

high-waisted pants + boy = not a gooood idea, from what i have seen!


Anonymous said...

i like the pants and so i will say forever always, and ever. but almost nothing else in the picture should be with them, like those shoes and that cardigan.
-the first and foremost fashion blogger.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I always say never say never.
It's so ridiculous it's almost good.. or is it? Have you seen the Marc Jacobs/LV documentary? "It's so ridiculous it's almost good" is said so many times. I digress. It makes me think of this:
I really can't make up my mind about it.
p.s. I bet andrew chip could pull it off.. maybe cause that dude looks like him. ps wheres that from?

Dave said...

I would kill myself before I ever wore those pants. And what did I tell you about dirt bag male models...?

The girls outfit is cute though.

Stefanie said...

melissa - I'm inclined to agree

first and foremost fashion blogger - show your face (or blog link!) and you MAY be right, losing the cardigan may make the pants a little better...

mt: chip can pull anything off. i can't see the picture you attempted to post, learn html GOD
ps. I really want to see that MJ LV doc

dave: see! you're appreciating fashion

umbelliferous said...
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umbelliferous said...

the f&f fashion blogger was me.
i just thought it woulf be better annon.
also, i am the annoying person who deleted there comment because i was typing and hit enter.

i'm just tearing up this comment page.

Chip said...


I can pull anything off including a cape :O


but ya I like those pants and would ilkely wear them

discothequechic said...

ohh i saw this picture to and kind of quietyly cringed to myself.

boys are getting girly enough as it it this days with their uniform v neck and cardy combos!

never never ever everrr.

Anonymous said...

i don't know dude, i'm kind of into high waist pants on dudes. they have to have the right proportions though, like if they have a short torso, or if they're short, or if they have stubby legs i'm obviously not down, but when that dude who played ian curtis in control wore them i was almost too down. but that's just me. - mef