Monday, May 19, 2008

I've got a pocket full of pretty green

Hey y'alllllll I'm back from Vancouvertown.
It was really awesome to see where I'm going to be living for the next chunk of my life. It's beautiful there and I love our place. And now that I'm back in Winnipeg I feel lonelier than ever, it's weird having to adjust to living "alone" or without your family.
Things about Vancouver in no particular order but numbered anyway for your convenience:

1. Every restaurant is a sushi restauraunt. Basically. Believe me when I say that there is, like, 1 sushi restaurant for every 2 people. We mistakingly went to one on Robson that was all-you-can-eat and it was TERRIBLE. Further research on good sushi restaurants is soon to follow.

2. Almost as common as sushi restaurants: hair/nail salons. It. is. insane. I wanted to drag my mom in one to see if they had really cheap hair extensions since the competition is so fierce but we didn't get around to it. On that topic: If done right, are hair extensions tacky?

3. There are beaches in the middle of the city. In the middle of downtown there is a beach! Further research on cute bathing suits is soon to follow.

4. Contrary to popular belief (you know who you are) the last skytrain to my place leaves downtown at 1:15 am. Still early for a night out but manageable.

5. The only H&M in the Vancouver area is a 12 minute drive from my condo.

6. Almost as numerous as sushi restaurants and beauty salons: THRIFT. STORES.

7. They sell expired Pocky for 79 cents.

So there you have it. Now for the photos I promised:

The little maps of the route on the plane.

I love the view of the clouds from the airplane window.

Crucial flight soundtrack. The shuffle on my iPod is awesome.

Crucial snacks. Club soda is a tradition on flights.

This is what a CRAZED traveler looks like on next-to-no sleep. Look at those googly eyes, that shit is SCARY.


This is the apple slicer I got for Andrew's mom from Ikea. It is KEY for apple consumption. I don't know what I would do without mine.


Brittany said...

i love you and i think i miss you already.
even though... you haven't left yet.
you left.
but came back.
i don't know what i'll do when you leave.for.good.

i also wanted to say.
your crazed-traveler look is next of kin to my a-camera-is-pointed-in-my-direction-and-i-must-make-a-face look.

Brittany said...

(and that would be "...make-a-face look." damn blogger... cut it off.)

Brittany said...


good call on the holland, 1945.
grrreat track.

p.s. i'm sorry if you got excited to see that there are 3 new comments on this blog... and they're all from me... haha.

Chip said...

oh luv

ur plane look is nice (4 real)

i hate club soda or whatever the shit you're drinking

i luv poo/u

umbelliferous said... almost knew you were going to take that one.

Stefanie said...

dana: they should really pay me a commision

Fleurr De Lux said...

OMG apple cutters are the quickest route to a perfectly sliced apple and the safest as well.
Why are sliced apples so much better than non-sliced??

discothequechic said...

well you just sold vancouver to me! (i think that really you're just a mole from their tourist board! ha)

oh, and a mole from the ikea pr team too, because i'm now itching to get my hands on the apple slicer. who'd have thought?

Anonymous said...